Our Story

Stone & Skillet: A Bakery with a Dream

Stone & Skillet was started with a dream of creating better products for the marketplace.  We wanted to offer all natural, handmade products that are small batch and preservative free.  Over the years we have stayed true to our values and thankfully people seem to love that.

What started with a way better English Muffin has evolved to include gift boxes, breads and now even jams!  Everyday we are thankful for being able to offer our products and grateful for every purchase.

Whether you buy our products in stores or directly from us, we stand behind the quality of every bag.

As always thanks for your support,

The Bakery

Here’s how Epicurious describes our muffins:

The Best Fancy English Muffins: Stone & Skillet

“Call these your special occasion English muffins. We had two of this style of muffin—heartier, denser, "artisanal"—in the taste test, but Stone & Skillet far outshone the competitor. They are much thicker than what you may be used to if you're a Thomas's loyalist (we had several in our midst), but they still have that signature English muffin chew and toast up beautifully crunchy when split. The flavor is buttery with a slight tang. Like most English muffins, these are not made to be eaten straight out of the package. Instead, they come just slightly doughy, so that when you toast them, the exposed sides turn brown and crusty while the interior stays moist. Go for this brand for burgers, Bennys, and bougie weekend brunches.”


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