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Our Story


Stone and Skillet was born from experimentation.  Our founders Dan and Kyle loved to explore new foods and experiment with their own creations.  In 2013, disappointed with the lack of creativity around the otherwise-predictable English muffin, they set out to create something new.

After months studying and testing recipes day and night in their apartment kitchen, and after what felt like the millionth trial batch – experimenting with more butter, then less butter, grey salt in, ascorbic acid out, more feedback, new suggestions – it happened.  In the middle of the night, out popped from the oven the truly most perfect English muffin: Here’s how Epicurious describes our muffins:

The Best Fancy English Muffins: Stone & Skillet

“Call these your special occasion English muffins. We had two of this style of muffin—heartier, denser, "artisanal"—in the taste test, but Stone & Skillet far outshone the competitor. They are much thicker than what you may be used to if you're a Thomas's loyalist (we had several in our midst), but they still have that signature English muffin chew and toast up beautifully crunchy when split. The flavor is buttery with a slight tang. Like most English muffins, these are not made to be eaten straight out of the package. Instead, they come just slightly doughy, so that when you toast them, the exposed sides turn brown and crusty while the interior stays moist. Go for this brand for burgers, Bennys, and bougie weekend brunches.”

After we perfected the Stone & Skillet Original English Muffin recipe, it didn’t take long to be swamped with orders. With increased demand came the need to find a baking space that was bigger than their apartment kitchen.  After a brief stint baking in friends’ restaurant kitchens overnight, they finally found a dedicated production space in Dorchester, just outside of Boston, and the first real version of “The Bakery” was born.


As Stone & Skillet continues to grow, with our muffins featured in some of the best retail shops, grocery chains and restaurants in the US, we hold tight to the core principles that guided us from Day 1:

  • Never sacrifice quality for cost.
  • Always treat every employee, customer and fan with respect.
  • Be inclusionists. Stay humble. Stay Kind.


Today, Stone & Skillet still follows these guiding principles to the letter, and our muffins are still baked by real humans – our “Muffineers” – in our local bakery just outside of Boston.  We are proud of the amazing work they do every day – some of them first generation Americans who have learned a new trade in our Bakery as they help us to continue to innovate and grow. 

As a thriving, all-natural artisanal bakery, we use the freshest products possible to make the world’s best English Muffins.  We are grateful for everyone who enjoys our creations.  And we donate with purpose -- both to local food banks and through our partnership with Feeding America.  When you purchase our muffins directly from our website, you have the option at check-out to make a donation.  Every dollar you give provides 10 meals to children and families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks.    

But we are not stopping here.  In the months and years to come all of us at “The Bakery” promise to uphold the values that have helped us stand apart.  With love and respect we will make the world a better place -- One Muffin at a Time.


You can order any of our amazing muffin flavors directly from our website, and you can find our muffins in Whole Foods, Wegmans and lots of specialty and gourmet food markets.

We love to share muffin news, new stores where you can find us, great recipes and fun promotions with our favorite customers. Subscribe to our newsletter today and we’ll keep you in the loop on all the muffin news that’s fit to print!

Thanks for your support,

The Bakery

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