The Love Pack

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At Stone & Skillet we are passionate about making sure you get the world's greatest English muffin.  We are also passionate about making the world a better place.  Today we are introducing our "Love Pack" for purchase on our website.  

Our "Love Pack" campaign will feature a different flavor each month and the associated charity monthly/ periodically.  We will charge an additional dollar for the Love Pack and Stone and Skillet will match  $3 to your $1 donation to that charity.   From month to month the charitable organizations will change however the mission will remain the same,   Making the world a better place one muffin at a time.

This month we are excited to be donating to the Amy Winehouse foundation. Founded by Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch after his daughter’s untimely death, this charity focuses on music therapy and drug education programs as a means to help kids avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse. They also help teens find treatment centers and work in collaboration with a number of different school systems.

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